Rapid Knee (slip-on Knee Brace with comfort fit elastic)

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    • Portable, comfortable and convenient to use
    • Breathable, non-allergenic, and lightweight materials
    • Provides control and support through an adjustable ROM hinge
    • Easy to Use and Easy to Read Indexed Hinge Indicates ROM Improvement and Hinge allows Dynamic or Static Setting
    • Features a polycentric adjustable design to control extension and flexion
    • Available in Small,Medium,Large,XL,,2XL, 3XL sizes.

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HCPCS: L1832

The Rapid Knee utilizes an adjustable ROM hinge and an open wrap configuration to provide convenience and comfort to the user. The wrap fits snugly and provides even compression and support.

The Rapid Knee has double upright ROM hinges and a locking joint for positioning the knee. This joint can lock the knee into either a flexion or extension position. The adjustable flexion and extension joint enables the practitioner to set limits on flexion and extension but allows the patient to move the knee freely within those limits.

The Rapid Knee is designed for a patient who can load weight on the knee and is capable of some ambulation. It is typically used for post surgical rehabilitation following knee surgery.

Available in Small,Medium,Large,X Large,2X Large,3X Large sizes.