What makes Quick Tape™ different than other foot wraps?

A: Very simply, Quick Tape™ is specifically designed as a one-piece, easy to self-apply therapeutic device that replicates the Low-Dye foot taping technique employed as the standard of care by podiatrists, physical therapists, and trainers. 

Unlike compression socks or Kinesio Tape, Quick Tape™ is made from non-stretching material providing sustained bio-mechanical support of the arch and fascia which promotes compliance and healing. 

How long can I wear each Quick Tape™?

A: Each Quick Tape™ is intended to be worn consistently for 3-5 days, depending on your level of activity. You can wear it barefoot, with sandals, and even shower with it to receive maximum benefit from continuous support. 

How long will it take to heal or cure my symptoms?

A: Recognizing that every case is different, and individuals activity levels are unique, a standard measure of time would be 6-8 weeks of consistent Quick Tape™ usage should significantly reduce symptoms or heal your plantar fasciitis. 

How many should I use?

A: We've packaged Quick Tape™ in various treatment packs. A 3 pack trial pack is intended for you to try Quick Tape™ to see how it works for your specific symptoms. 

Our 15 pack is designated as a treatment pack for 6-8 weeks of use at an average of 4 days use per strap. 

If you have bi-lateral Plantar Fasciitis, arthritis, or bunions, we recommend a quantity of one pack for each foot. 

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