Diabetes Today in USA & The UA's Diabetic Foot Blog

If you're a person suffering from diabetes, then you know the challenges each day presents. The internet can be a great resource of information, but searching for specific information can be time consuming and at times confusing. 

My intent on the Etrode Blog is to provide a platform for presenting resources and information related to healthcare technology, health trends and health information links. 

Today, I'm starting with a graphic showing the alarming figures on diabetes each day in America. 

Unfortunately, every one of those numbers is compounding daily. One way to curb those rates is through consuming information for the daily care and feeding of you. 

If you're not already familiar with it, read up on The Diabetic Foot Blog from The University of Arizona. The DF Blog contains fantastic articles on proper diabetic shoe and insert use, wound care and management, illustrative graphics and expert recommendations and research from UA Physicians.


Full disclosure...I happen to be a UA Alum, but I would recommend the DF Blog even if it was from Arizona State...possibly.

Subscribe to the DF Blog and as a start, set aside 10 minutes per day to read one new and one archived article. I hope it becomes a long-term resource for you. 

A little about us. Etrode's been in business since 2004, existing to serve the people who need quality medical supplies at a reasonable price to manage their chronic and sometimes episodic health concerns.

Our background is rooted in the medical industry. I've been in the medical device and healthcare IT industry for 22 years, and my father, who is a partner in Etrode, has been in the industry for as long as I can remember...45+ years?! My wife, (and Chief Marketing Officer), and I met while working at a nuclear medicine company together! 

We've been rebuilding our site and our brand, product by product over the past 8 months, and it will continue to evolve on a daily basis. To that end, I invite you to tell us what to carry, what to blog about, suggestions and feedback on your experiences with us.   

You can find on Twitter,  Facebook, and right here! 

Thank you.

Chris DiMarco

Managing Partner

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